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Benefits of the Registered Agent service

complianceEnsures Compliance

Satisfy your legal requirement to have a permanent physical office so your business stays in good standing with the state and avoids any penalties or fines.

protectionAdds Protection

Many companies with store fronts use a registered agent service to ensure they don’t receive any embarrassing legal or tax notices at your place of business.

organizedKeeps You Organized

As your registered agent, we’ll accept your important legal documents and store them in your dashboard so you can view, download, or print them anytime online.

What is a Registered Agent and why do I need one?

State agencies require LLCs and Corporations to appoint and maintain a Registered Agent when they form their business. The registered agent address acts as the main point of contact between your company and the Secretary of State or other official government office. It will receive service of process, correspondence, and other important legal notices. A registered agent, by statute, must have a physical location in the same state where the business was formed. This allows the registered agent to properly receive and process legal documents (service of process) on behalf of the company. The registered agent must be available at the registered office address during all normal business hours. Should your registered agent change their name or update their address, they will file and absorb the state filing fees at no cost to their clients (subject to your entity currently being in Good Standing).

Does My Business Need a Registered Agent?

Yes. Every LLC or corporation is required to have an official Registered Agent (sometimes called a statutory agent, resident agent or agent for service of process) in each state where it does business. A Registered Agent in VIrginia serves as a permanent physical presence in the state, and the Registered Agent address is where the state government can contact you with legal and tax correspondence, including franchise tax forms, notices of litigation and required annual report forms.

Hire the best Registered Agent Service Online. We will handle all correspondence with the Secretary of State or other body in charge of regulating business formations in your state. This is to ensure that all of your legal and tax paperwork is correctly kept and communicated.

Our Commitment to You

Legal Compliance

To ensure that your company remains in good standing with the state and prevent any penalties or fines, we will assist you in fulfilling your legal obligation by maintaining a permanent physical office.

Improve Business Safety

To avoid receiving any unpleasant legal or tax letters at their place of business, many businesses with storefronts employ a registered agent service. We help you stay secure and protected always!

Help You Organize

We will accept your vital legal documents as your registered agent. We will also save them in your dashboard so you may see, download, and print them whenever you like online. The hefty paperwork will not be your headache anymore!

How can a Registered Agent help you?

Only corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) in all 50 states are eligible for our registered agent service. So, our services are available to self-filers, established businesses, and newly formed businesses. Professional corporations, limited liability firms, and nonprofit organizations cannot avail of our services.
Our service:
  • Monitors all legal notices sent to your company discretely.
  • Scans the documents required by you, then uploads them to your dashboard for access.
  • Notifies you through your preferred mode of communication, if there are any significant legal issues that need your attention.
Remember that our registered agent service speaks for your company, not any individual(s) connected to it or your account on our platform.
We can also help:
  • Self-filing clients who have purchased the registered agent as a stand-alone service
  • With the substitution of a registered agent
  • With service of process (SOP)
  • Regards to correspondence over mail

How Does Our Registered Agent Service Work For You?

A registered agent is also known as a resident agent or statutory agent in some states. An appointed registered agent serves as a mediator between your company and the other party. Their major duty is to collect legal paperwork and deliver it to the business owner (you) or another suitable party. 

A registered agent is an individual or an online account/service that handles the legal documentation of a company on its behalf through its registered office. This includes small businesses as well as large-scale firms. 

The legal paperwork includes franchise tax notices, annual report filing deadline notices, and service of process papers for legal proceedings. Having a registered agent is advantageous because it prevents lawsuit documents from being sent to the company or the owners’ residences. The registered agent of a corporation is in charge of promptly delivering these documents to the company.

Timely Services of a Registered Agent

Although the duties of a registered agent seem straightforward, keep in mind that some legal notices have expiration or due dates. You, your company, and your business partners may have to deal with additional legal concerns if a registered agent fails to forward this paperwork to the right party promptly.

Do LLCs or Corporations Need a Registered Agent?

Yes! When forming a firm, LLCs, corporations, and other formal business entities are required by state agencies to appoint and maintain a registered agent. However, there is no requirement for general partnerships or sole proprietorships to have one.

When Should You Hire a Registered Agent?

When you file your legal papers with your state or the relevant organization that handles business registrations, you’ll need to name a registered agent for your company. There will be a space on the application where you can list the name and contact details of your agent.

Points to Consider

When you get a registered agent, keep the following registered agent requirements in mind:

  • Your application will probably be turned down if you attempt to file your documents without specifying a registered agent.
  • You need to let the state or the proper agency know if your registered agent changes. For the state’s records, you’ll probably need to submit a form with this updated information.
  • If a registered agent changes their name or physical address, they are required to notify the state and pay the filing expenses without charging the client. 
  • Each state your firm operates in requires you to have a registered agent.

Can You Act as Your Own Registered Agent?

As long as you follow the rules established by your state or the organization in charge of business registrations, you are legally permitted to act as your own registered agent for your company. However, a company cannot act as its own registered agent. Being your own registered agent, though, might not be the wisest move. After all, you will receive a legal notice, lawsuit, or subpoena personally at your place of business if you are subject to legal process. Additionally, this might not appear well in front of clients. So, allow us to assist you in saving yourself the effort. Can Help!

We aim to assist you if you’re trying to expedite the process of forming a business. One of the numerous services we provide to assist you in starting your business is a registered agent.

We also offer extra services to support the operation and expansion of your firm. Get started right away if you’d like more details about our registered agent service or are prepared to take the next step.

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